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Nightlife, digital painting, photomontage
For Crazy 4 Cult 9 at Gallery 1988 LA

Crows Cereal Box, digital design
Comissioned by Joel Hodgson

Horror Carnival Mirrors, digital designs
For Crazy 4 Cult 8 at Gallery 1988 LA

Where the Deomons Dwell, acrylic paint, marker, digital
T-shirt design for

Bad Robot Halloween Decoration, digital design
For the Official Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988 LA

Paint by Number Pee-wee House, acrylic paint on matboard
For Crazy 4 Cult 7 show at Gallery 1988 LA

Self Portrait, colored pencil on posterboard
For Saturday Night Live Tribute Show at Gallery 1988 LA

Press Pass, multimedia
commissioned work

Brand Spankin' Newbridge, A tribute to "The Best Show" on WFMU
Color pencil portraits and digital design
For the Is This Thing On 2 Show at Gallery 1988, Featured on The Onion AV Club

Soft Focus Phantom in Pigtails
Colored pencil
For the Private Investigations Art Show at the Mastadon Mesa Gallery of LA

House of Horror, Acrylic painting
For the 2011 Video Game Show at Gallery 1988